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  • Are you feeling disconnected in your relationship?
  • Do you and your partner find yourselves pulled into the same fight again and again, like a cycle or dance you don't know how to stop?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself wondering...
    • "What happened to us?" 
    • "What happened to me?"
    • "Is this hopeless?"
I have an answer: There is hope!
The key is communication! More specifically, learning how to express feelings so that needs can bet met more directly, and learning how to listen so that the our partners feel understood and cared for. Without these tools (which are rarely taught to anyone), partners may find themselves stuck in a conflictual and/or disconnecting dance familiar to many.
Sex Therapy
Couples Therapy
For some partners, it may feel that they have lost their voice or even their sense of self in the relationship. Perhaps it feels like nothing they do is ever good enough and that the best option is to shutdown and disengage. For other partners, being repeatedly shut out of their partners' lives, it may feel like they can never be connected or feel close. Whatever the experience may be, it is not unlikely that each of these partners feels alone. 
As a Certified Couples and Sex Therapist, with advanced training in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and InterAnalytic Couples and Sex Therapy, I will teach each of you how to communicate about feelings (without criticizing, demanding, or venting anger), as well as how to truly listen (without defending). Once you begin to communicate effectively, it is my experience that you will each begin to understand your partner, feel recognized for who you are in turn, and ultimately feel loved and connected in a way that you have not felt before.
Couples Therapy
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